Staring Out in Space (IA)

Flaubert: Elisions/Inclusions (Yudu)

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The Posit Trilogy (youblisher)

The Posit Trilogy

Staring Out in Space Pt. 1

Edwardian Yeats (Yudu)

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The Cardigans : First Band on the Moon

An excellent 90s album which was never much heard in the States.

Notes Towards Internet Theory (IA)

Notes on Picasso and Bonnard (Yudu)

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The Best Critical Writing on Adam Fieled

Notes Towards Internet Theory

Around the Grain (youblisher)

Around the Grain: Systems/Incisions

Saturn 2.0 (youblisher)

Saturn 2.0: Adam Fieled's first eight print books with Prefaces

"Over the Schuylkill..." (youblisher)

Over the Schuylkill : Aughts Philly Complete

Letters to Dead Masters : The Last Drop

Skating away on Red Room...

My short "Over the Schuylkill..." piece on "The Skaters" on Red Room.

Bats over the Schuylkill into a Red Room...

The story of Mike and I sonar-ing the turf of four Bad News Bats.

More Flaubert (IA)

Bonnard/"Indolence" on Red Room

Completing on Red Room the Picasso/Bonnard recently released notes.

Flaubert : Elisions/Inclusions