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Library Thing Emendations Pt. 2

Significant additions have now been made to more Library Thing Fieled/PFS pages: Race and Vine, Letters to Dead Masters, Shadows Numberless, and pages added for Exile and Exegesis, and Phenomenology : Cheltenham Elegies. Cheers.

Onread Onwards...

Substantial renovation work has been done on the Onread pages for When You Bit..., Opera Bufa, and Equations: click tabs for Audio, Reviews, etc.

Apparition Poem #1215


Every day to face how innocents
die from lack of adequate treatment,
is like having to watch the same
car-crash over and over endlessly;
it will spike your poesy prosy,
sharpness sheered from metaphors,
make hairs stand on end, and turn
you to Dante; surgically, it burns.
The cruel thing about innocence
is that it can’t come twice; senses
that have registered infernal things
will never be surprised again; yet
the bitterness of witnessing human
corruption, whatever form it takes,
is that it is all-pervasive, all-consuming,
all-powerful against whatever virtue
anyone has, even as genius wins in the cue.

Library Thing Emendations

Updates to Library Thing pages for CheltenhamApparition Poems, Posit, Two Teens Trilogies, and at Author's Den for Cheltenham as well. Cheers.

Apparition Poems #1291, 1304


As I’m aging (painfully) I see
I notice discrepancies fall in,
out again, leaving no trace in
my eyes I would see into, & it
seems I am waiting for some
new thing to memorialize, that
I might feel alive again, up
for conquests of the non-elegiac—
blue skies, scraped streets, roses—
but what moves the human
world is a complete, total
inversion of what’s supposed
to be there, and what flakes
from trees stands upright
here dictating terms to an
ostensible emperor no older
than a dog in the manger—


Julia, 3 am dreams came to me,
looking to frazzle memories
hewn into my bed-sheets—
what she placed in me
was careful, precise, tender,
I moved into her as into
a lane on a freeway, but at
the crucial moment there
was a ridiculous softness to
the excursion that turned her
eyes gossamer, which I came
through in six dream-points, &
can never leave off from, unashamed.

SUNY Buffalo Special Collections

I'd like to thank SUNY Buffalo for keeping several of my books in their special collections: Cheltenham, When You Bit..., Opera Bufa, and Posit.