This guy sticks to sports because the world
makes a sport of kicking his ass, he said.
It's not like I didn't believe- but he only
sticks to sports (I thought) in the end because
the rules are right there in his head. And the
guy who lives out of his car and has the radio
set to "Sports-talk" all the time deserves to be
hung. So: there was more than one game we
were watching that night. This guy came in twice.
But if he won't play by league rules, he's out.

Cheltenham Expands!

Cheltenham expands into a bigger, bulkier version of itself

Twisted Limbs

One of the exciting things about the Aughts Revolution was the growth of internet literary publishing as an enterprise, hand-over-fist and in all directions. You could publish poems in multiple editions over comparatively short increments of time, either online-to-print (as happened to me, from Jacket to the & Now Awards/Best Innovative Writing anthology) or online-to-online anthology, and what have you. From '06 to '07, my poem Twisted Limbs migrated from Andrew Lundwall's Melancholias Tremulous Dreadlocks to Halvard Johnson's Big Bridge "Death" anthology, and was none the worse for it.


Whether off the bathroom counter
or the back of your hand, darling,
your unusual vehemence that
winter night, cob-webbed by
half-real figures, was animated by an
unfair advantage, which stooges threw
at you to keep you loopy as you
died piece-meal. All I had
was incomprehensible fury and a
broken heart- when I hit the floor
at four, you were getting ready
to play fire-starter, opened
the little snifter, curled your finger
twice in the right direction; darkness-

Mary Harju: Portrait of Adam Fieled '07 (2018)

What Solidity the Years Deliver

Worth noting in 2018: among other Zeitgeist totems, the spirit of Aughts Philly never bothered to leave completely.

The Ballad of Robert Johnson

The Ballad of Robert Johnson in The Seattle Star. Or, have a listen: