The Nymphet Sequence


A trilogy of sonnets/double sonnets in the Miscellaneous section of Something Solid, meant to convey a sense of mystery around beauty, the body, and innocence

The & Now Awards: The Best Innovative Writing ('09), library-available on IA


       IA has now, in its entirety and available to be borrowed, The & Now Awards Anth from 2009.



How far can she take it, her body, her looks,
how steep will the dare be? I watch the nymphet,
idling behind her mother in the supermarket
line, and wonder, do an appraisal, just as she
must be doing a self-appraisal of her own. My
mind moves out, runs into the brain of Yeats,
hovering somewhere in distant space. The sage
answer he gives is simple: it depends, in any
context or situation to befall her, whether she
means it or not; whether she is in earnest. What
beauty buys is nothing if not hitched to a set heart
and brain. She looks to me, here, as though
she means it, alright; tying her shirt in a knot to
reveal her midriff, caressing herself restlessly
with her hands. What’s at stake is not merely
her body & face but her life; what it means, where
it may go. I have to look away, but when I look
back she’s gone. She’s left an imprint on my
imagination about youth, possibility, eternity
(even), worlds while they are in the process of
opening up, which the soul can see “forever” in.
May outside, first heat, & the revelation of what
ricochets, here, into the ethereal. She is, I’m sure,
in the car by now, weighed down by groceries,
mind already past her solitary passion. My own
solitary passion, as I walk down Butler Pike, is
merely to register having seen something someone
else saw (Yeats), the heaven and the hell of it, & in earnest, myself.  

Monday Journal #1


Thanks again to Vlad Pogorelov and the rest of the Monday Journal crew, for all the hard work they've put into Monday Journal #2. In the interest of literary completism, here is Monday Journal #1 (2019) on Amazon.

Sacramento Poetry Center reading


 My reading tonight for Sacramento Poetry Center and Monday Journal is taped
from Plymouth Meeting.

Sacramento Poetry Center: full reading, including my segment (1(hour):33) on a video file.

Monday Journal on Amazon


 The second full issue of Rocklin, California's Monday Journal, edited by Vlad Pogorelov (among others) and featuring two poems from Something Solid (Trooper, Undulant), is now available in print on Amazon. Many thanks to Vlad and the rest. Cover image presented here: Pretending to Dance Ballet, by Ed Bowers.

And the lead-up...


 In the lead-up to English 271, Laura Goldstein discovered Opera Bufa at myopic books in Wicker Park, Chicago, as is explained here

25 East Pearson


           25 East Pearson from the outside. And an English 271 term paper only visible on the inside.