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Open Library: Full-Text, Other Emendations

The following Open Library pages feature links for full-text IA presentations of the respective books, and other emendations: Opera Bufa, Cheltenham, When You Bit..., Apparition Poems, Disturb the Universe, Beams, Two Teens Trilogies, and Equations.

Ardent (full album)/The Story of Ardent

This mp3 offers the entirety of Adam Fieled's 2004 album Ardent, produced and engineered by Matt Stevenson.

Darkyr Sooner EP (full album)

This mp3 offers Adam Fieled's 2000 EP Darkyr Sooner in its entirety. All songs recorded at Buttons Sound, Manhattan, except "Why Won't You See Me Tonight?" at East Side Studios, Manayunk, Philadelphia, and "Song to the Siren" at Main Street West, also in Philadelphia. All songs by Adam Fieled except "Song to the Siren" by Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett.

Tears in the Fence 60: from "Trilogy" (IA)

CSOP Flag from "Trilogy" (Flickr)

from Tears in the Fence 60: from "Trilogy" (youblisher)

Tears in the Fence 60: from

Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers: The Fieled Sequence

This sequence of Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers was assembled by Adam Fieled.

Two Teens Trilogies Library'd

Two Teens Trilogies now has library pages on Open Library and Library Thing. Thanks to the respective staffs of the two venues.