A solid push for AP

A solid push forward for Apparition Poems from Saison Poetry Library at Southbank Centre in London. Many thanks to them.

Apparition Poem #1176 (ATNG)


Your gut tells you when
something’s wrong— here
I am at war in darkness—
no moss over me, no
camouflage— I lean forward—
but oh the degenerate trenches,
so very boring, passion kept
to a minimum, fires aglow
never, and my guts fear
the soulless twerps, jealous
that I might be brought low
by some version of cripple’s
wisdom— Conshohocken—

Beethoven: First Movement: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor (Moonlight Sonata)

Philadelphia Independent Issue 15

...something else...

More from the wall format files: Dawn Gailey's pic of me in the Last Drop in 2008; Kelly McCabe's Ad-Shot in State College in '94; Amy King's of me reading in Brooklyn '07; and two anonymous portraits of Abs, in white and close-up.

The Wall Format Saga Continues...

New and wall-formatted on Internet Archive: a flier advertising my '02 spoken word opus Raw Rainy Fog; Mary Harju on Saint Catherine Street, Montreal; and in the Montreal Botanical Gardens; and another intimate close-up of Abs.

Couture anticipating Abs???

More Wall Format(s)

More wall formatted Internet Archive "prints": Molly's Books facade in South Philly, Jeremy's portrait of Mr. Land reading at Molly's, Abs in 2010, and a cool Pop riff on one of Jeremy's best fliers.

Anonymous Portrait: Mike Land

Mike Land: Anonymous Portrait

Jenny Kanzler/Sterling Shaw (Philly Painters in NYC)

from Philadelphia Spaces

from Philadelphia Spaces

from Against the Nothing Game


You bed down in a sty,
squeeze out your mind
like a rag, catch water
(usually greasy) in tins,
mix them up (murkiness
is not undesired), add an
edge of cyanide (or gin),
yet you know all the time
none of this will do much
good, or anything at all,
most of it is destined as
bricks in no wall, thus
does the blood spill, but
when you heal, how you
grab the sun & moon places
you where chemicals beg
your brain for admittance— 

Anonymous Portrait: Abby Heller-Burnham: 2010

Abby Heller-Burnham: Anonymous Portrait: 2010