Vince El Mejor: Viaje Entre Las Luces (feat. Adam Fieled, spoken word)

The Twenties does Odal: Pas de deux: Ode On Jazz

As of the end of May 2020, two different versions of the Ode On Jazz have become Top 5 hits on Soundclick.

Mary Harju: Portrait: 4 Poets (P.F.S. Presents, South Philadelphia, 5-12-07)

A P.F.S. Post Anthology

A new way of looking at P.F.S. Post: an Anthology collection of what's on the site.

P.S. Another P.F.S. Post archive.

After Andrew Marvell

Twelve long years, with the length
of all that time squeezed into a
universe that hovers between us,
as I knock back a third Jack and
Coke and you stir your Jameson,
as our eyes meet and I re-read in
my head what I wrote in a journal
twelve years ago: "two-faced,
mannish, and frigid." That's our
universe: words scrawled in the
heat of undecided passion, which
resolved in the submissive caresses
of another. Yet they hover there,
still undecided because I bet you
kept a journal too, and a good
one, and if you didn't well then
our universe isn't much, I don't give
a shit about the coyness that
can't be squeezed without stress,
and I'll find another mistress.

Wittgenstein's Song

Merely brilliant is no match

         for being intimate. When you catch

a wave that breaks, you can only
         half-determine its course. Lonely

    is the determined man, whether

 it's he who decides his fate, or fetters

       the world lays on him. This
           I learned from a young man's kiss.

Thus, I've learned, said nothing.

    To be silent is something

        for the wise to practice. Words

          go too far. How much have we heard

worth holding onto? How much said
   that can placate what we dread?

Wittgenstein's Song originally appeared in Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy's Mirage in 2009, and in the 2010 Mipoesias chapbook Returns

Vlad Pogorelov in P.F.S. Post

Vlad Pogorelov's At the Train Station, originally published in the 1998 chapbook Derelict from Repossessed Head Press, re-published in P.F.S. Post