Apps: 12.20.13


For a guy playing father (dossier,
secretly, in hand, he was only eighteen,
didn’t really know how to do this),
he’d found himself in so much
trouble so fast he wished he could’ve
avoided the gig (this is all they could
find for him), all because his daughter
had screwed the wrong guy, was in
trouble with the authorities. She
was only (it turns out) two months
pregnant, but rules were rules.
However, it was nice to watch the
Eagles defense function again—
the heist last week was too pitiful for words.


They want to sign this kid up for
Little League, kids’ got no last name.
I asked them how this could be,
they wouldn’t answer. I don’t get
it— kids’ got talent, apparently,
but no last name. I turned the case
(I don’t know what else to call it)
over to my supervisor. But things
are getting more and more weird
around here, and there’s a bunch
of things I try not to notice. There’s
something wrong with these kids, right?