Couture/Critical Links (Reprise)

This catalogue originally appeared on Fieled's Miscellaneous in April '12. I thought it might be nifty to reprise it here as of December '14.

“Disturb the Universe: The Collected Essays of Adam Fieled” in PDF form on the Argotist Online:

“Wordsworth @ McDonald’s” in Jacket 28:

Review of Jordan Stempleman’s “Facings” in Jacket 35:

Peter Philpott's evaluation of the American avant-garde poetry scene from the UK, with block-quotes and feature-space for me and others:

Peter Philpott's catalogue of journals, presses, and forums for international avant-garde poetry, including a brief write-up on PFS Post and Stoning the Devil:

Tears in the Fence #s 47 and 49, which contain four "Waxing Hot" dialogues (with Steve Halle, Amy King, Barry Schwabsky, and Robert Archambeau), can be purchased here:

“Century XX after Four Quartets” on the Argotist Online:

“On the Necessity of Bad Reviews” on the Argotist Online:

“The Conspiracy against Poems” on the Argotist Online:

“The Decay of Spirituality in Poetry” in Word For/ Word #17:

My "Waxing Hot" dialogue with Gabriel Gudding from PFS Post linked on Gudding's Wikipedia page:

My review of Karen Volkman's nomina from Stoning the Devil linked on Volkman's Wikipedia page:

“Anything with an Edge: Rethinking Post-Avant” on Stoning the Devil:

“Post-Avant: A Meta-Narrative” on Internet Archive:

“Stress Fractures” (print, containing “Post-Avant: A Meta-Narrative”) for sale in the UK:

Charlotte Newman’s review of “Stress Fractures” in Horizon Magazine:

“Stress Fractures” for sale in the US:

David Kennedy’s review of “Stress Fractures” in Stride Magazine:

"On the Possibilities of Multi-Media Readings" in Otoliths:

“Contextualists and Dissidents: Talking Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons” in Cordite:

“Contextualists and Dissidents” reprinted on Michael Blackburn’s blog:

“Composite Ideologies” in the Argotist:

Interview with me by Jeffrey Side in the Argotist about online publishing:

“Benjamin’s Desktop: Unpacking the Phenomenon of Literature Online” on Internet Archive:

Vanessa Vaile's repository page for "Benjamin's Desktop..." on the poets and writers picnic blog:

“Twenty-First Century Poetry and Poetics” on Internet Archive:

“Loving the Alien” in Word For/ Word #9:

“Pleasures of the Post-Avant Text” in Word For/ Word #11:

“Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Abstract Morality in Post-Avant Poetry” in Cordite:

“Twenty-First Century Poetry and Poetics” originally appeared in print in Poetry Salzburg Review #18.