from New York Sonnets ('00)


It is 12: 35 p.m.             hello Dan
who merges left to the Last Drop
and the Vivarin rides green to Trenton
we’ve grown! now picking up/discharging
Briana’s breath spent money
emergency exit lift this bar
or at least the tender
constant fear of self watching self-
like Carruth or open fields in New Jersey
is Mars in my twelfth house scary?
(he that is high can decipher
hieroglyphs begin with us)
it isn’t what the federal law prohibits
the poem is dream transportation


The Vivarin rides green
grey ghosts upon the banks of the sky
(that’s my job over there)
available dirt in the form of a mountain
Briana’s breath spent money
New York for the sake of unity
hello Dan               it is 12:35 p.m.
whose collage in the Last Drop
or at least the tender
the only change is finger in mouth
pull body fully and push here
in the limited bliss
constant fear of self watching self—
hieroglyphs begin with us