From Hinge Online '03: Hamlet On Pine Street

A hammered elder took me aside: "Try your skill on each 
girl; hone, develop your skill; but prepare yourself for solitude
nonetheless. Never let your eyes linger longer than a minute."
Petty Polonius

left me leeching cigarettes outside Dirty Frank's.
Ophelia, beer-breath'd, bleary-eyed, laid a cadaverous
hand on my lap, plummeted into streams of Scotch-
good night, sweet lady, good night. Leeches

lingered on our exit; jealous teeth, yellowed of nicotine.
Gentle Rosencrantz tried to turn a trick; Guildenstern
did a monkey-dance. The reign of despair

consolidated itself with the arrival of battered
Gertrude. The night wasted away; my fortunes
waned outrageously.