Chase my weasel (rag on theme by Beats)

Chase my weasel
crown my cheese
take me from the freezer
Dive my tunnel
ride my breeze
rob me of my reason
Chop my sorrow
dice my fear
take me to Atlantis
Stone my hollow
bounce my queer
let my death be dances

Grow my maple
plant my seed
turn my waiting soil
Loose the staple
of my greed
be my holy foil
Bleach my bottom
teach my troll
save me from the ages
Chuck the rotten
bodies’ mold
blow my mind in stages

Sketch the frame
pose the brain
rage against machines
Cry the pain
drink the rain
cultivate a dream
Where’s the spook?
Who’s the kook?
Where the fly?
Bare the eye
open like a watch—

Build my crutches
cross my street
do my funky chicken
Frame my touches
beat my meat
pinch me ‘til I’m stricken
Box my playthings
cocks & hooks
toss me like a pizza
Top my chocolate
heart & looks
cure my poor amnesia
Bless my chicken
haunt my farm
be my pious shepherd
Buy my ticket
birth my charm

exorcise my leopard