Apparition Poem #1112




“Fuck art let’s dance”
only we didn’t dance,
we fucked, and when
we fucked, it was like

dancing, and dancing
was like art, because
the climax was warm,
left us wanting more—

how can I know this
dancer from the dance?
Brain-brightening glance,
how tight the dance

was, and the sense that
pure peace forever was
where it had to end for
both of us, only your

version was me dead,
after I had permanently
died inside you like the
male spider always does—

Pull me towards you—
woven color patterns
create waves beneath
us, tears buoy bodies

to a state beyond “one”
into meshed silk webs—
not every pull is gravitational—
as two spiders float upwards,

I say to you (as we multiply
beyond ourselves) “those
two are a bit much, their
sixteen legs making love”

This poem in its original form on Halvard Johnson's Truck.

Beams and Going the Distance


 Another placement of Beams which might be able to go the distance

X-Peri: 3 Pages


 These three pages, from Daniel Y. Harris's X-Peri web-zine, span the years 2017-2020. 

Acid Dropping EP on MixUpload



Acid Dropping EP is:

I. A Clangorous Din— Speck
II. Stone the Devil— Speck
III. Viaje entre las luces— Vince El Mejor
IV. Driving Home— MalreDeszik
V. Hipsters— Falki Hoz

Various Positions:

On the Soundclick Jazz Overall chart, A Clangorous Din reached #15, Stone the Devil #25, Viaje entre las luces #18, and Driving Home #29.

On the Soundclick Electronic Overall chart, Hipsters, a.k.a. Ode On Jazz (3, with Falki Hoz), reached #20.

Featured on Things You Heard When You Were Dead (shane p).

All tracks feature spoken word by Adam Fieled, from (respectively) Opera Bufa, This Charming Lab, When You Bit..., and Ode On Jazz. 

From Funtime Records. 

Produced/engineered by respective artists, Eris Temple, and the Kelly Writers House. 

Harris County Public Library


Worth noting: Harris County Public Library in Texas, which is multi-branched (Katy Branch shown here), has annexed in its library system all of IA, including what IA holds of P.F.S. Cheers. 

The Nymphet Sequence


A trilogy of sonnets/double sonnets in the Miscellaneous section of Something Solid, meant to convey a sense of mystery around beauty, the body, and innocence

The & Now Awards: The Best Innovative Writing ('09), library-available on IA


       IA has now, in its entirety and available to be borrowed, The & Now Awards Anth from 2009.