from The Posit Trilogy '17

To Joseph Conrad, after reading "Heart of Darkness"

If the spirit of universal
genius is meant to float
down the river into naught,
to be attenuated by the
jealous against authenticity,

& if it turns quotidian life into
an unworkable mess, as
universal genius attempts to
forge alliances above spheres
which must be minded on Earth,

& if it expresses itself to the crass,
& the crass is everyone, & Kurtz
understands the parasitism involved,
saturation in/by malevolence, then

I'm down the river, up forever-

Murder Dream

There was a concert somewhere, I was
there with a college friend who wound
up betraying me, & I murdered the son
of a bitch with a shot-gun; they told
me I could get off scot-free if it was
only one murder, & as I sat in the
balcony trying not to notice a show
of cadavers onstage I angled my
behaviors so as not to offend them.

Next shot: I saw the dead man's life
pass in sequence before me, & he
was bound by a five-year contract to
die shortly anyway, which is probably
why they let me off, even as the cadavers
played invisible instruments into open air-