from American Tour: Pittsburgh Character Actress

Once all the lightweights and half-assed
prima donnas disappear, I'll be the only
one left standing. Endurance matters
more than charisma does. And, no, I'm
not bitter about my non-leading lady
status. It's more easy to be memorable
when people know what to expect from

you. Take Nicholson: we always know
what to expect from Jack. Of course,
I have a lot of technical expertise he
doesn't. I always tell my students, you
don't fill the holes, you don't get the
roles. Well, that's your problem. We
all know you're basically a lightweight

too. The difference between us is
simple: you're in Pittsburgh because
you're stuck, I'm here because I
matter. And all the "hug me, love
me, suck my juices" stuff you use
with your students is cute but it's
tacky. As I get older, Lizzie & Laura

lose their hotness. Give me the raw
girls with the tats. And watch me go.