From "I Will Out"

                                                                   I Will Out

Strictly mechanical,
what propels us
towards recognitions
of what I am, &
the question, why
I must continue—

you either find
yourself continuing
or you don’t, against
or with internal
temporal currents,
exterior space
arrayed around—

as I continue,
the I which will
out has qualities
of being salvaged
far from expectation—

moves, breathes, directs
what currents it can,
as I will out, surprise
you dithering in
it, them, always—

I See the Sunset

If you have lived
sans clarity, you may
be drawn to pretenses
against sunset being
what it is—

If you think at odd
angles, you can pretend
depth will manifest
sans effort, endowment
rich as gold—

but depth & clarity, as
endowments, can accrue
only to a mind edged
with clouded darkness
encompassing ends—

behind ends, processes
of decay, degradation, dire
plummets of stomachs
under dire judgments
beyond our kens—

then, lifts upwards,
arbitrary fits/starts,
something/someone judges
you real, towards
clear two-sided passages— 

P.S. Apparition Poem #1307 in The Seattle Star