Acid Dropping EP on MixUpload



Acid Dropping EP is:

I. A Clangorous Din— Speck
II. Stone the Devil— Speck
III. Viaje entre las luces— Vince El Mejor
IV. Driving Home— MalreDeszik
V. Hipsters— Falki Hoz

Various Positions:

On the Soundclick Jazz Overall chart, A Clangorous Din reached #15, Stone the Devil #25, Viaje entre las luces #18, and Driving Home #29.

On the Soundclick Electronic Overall chart, Hipsters, a.k.a. Ode On Jazz (3, with Falki Hoz), reached #20.

Featured on Things You Heard When You Were Dead (shane p).

All tracks feature spoken word by Adam Fieled, from (respectively) Opera Bufa, This Charming Lab, When You Bit..., and Ode On Jazz. 

From Funtime Records. 

Produced/engineered by respective artists, Eris Temple, and the Kelly Writers House.